Based in Boise Idaho, I have over 20 years experience in advertising and design, with a focus on strategic, brand-building creative. 
I’m an idea generator, creative thinker, and eager problem solver with a track record of success at top agencies. I’m able to work within tight time frames, prioritizing assignments and delivering a high quality finished product.
I’m passionate about all things design-related, and creating work across print and digital platforms that reflects strong design principles like color theory, typography, imagery, and pixel-perfect layouts. I follow a clean aesthetic, working with grid systems and paying attention to white space.
I concept and design work for both retail and commercial clients, building engaging experiences that combine different disciplines and media in the digital realm or three-dimensional real world. In addition to my work for clients, I also design and manufacture my own line of modular furnishings under the Moduli brand name.

Art Direction — Graphic Design —  Brand Communication — Visual Identity Systems – Digital — Printed Materials — Packaging — Video Wall — TV — UXUI — Industrial Design

Beyond Coastal, Bird Where, Coinstar, Darigold, Delta, Ebay, Gettyimages, Harley Marine, Henry’s Fork Foundation, Hewlett Packard, Homeaway, Klughouse, Moduli, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Orange Lv, Panera, Playstation, REI, Redhook, Seattle Life Chiropractic, Sparkling Ice, Sparksy design, Starbucks, Synect Media, Spectrum Paints, T-Mobile, Washington’s State Lottery

Brad Sherman 
designer​​​​​​​ / art director

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